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Consisting of a glass tube with a water jacket, Allihn condensers feature a series of bulbs that increase the surface area available for vapor condensation. Allihn condensers are used for laboratory-scale refluxing and provide a greater surface area than similar Liebig condensers. While suitable for refluxes, Allihn condensers, unless held vertically, are not as favored for distillations because a substance can condense and trapped in the side of the bulbs. Allihn condensers typically feature a taper joint at their top with an inner standard taper joint with a drip tip at the bottom.

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  • Complies with DIN 12581;
  • The inner bulb section provides for an increased cooling surface;
  • Ideal for reflux;

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B24 250ml, B24 400ml, B34 300ml, B40 300ml


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