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The Coil Condenser is the reverse of the Graham Condenser. It consists of an inner coil surrounded by an outer tube. However, the coolant flows through the inner coil and the substance condenses inside the outer tube. This eliminates all the problems of Graham Condensers and gives the Coil Condenser a high efficiency.

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condenser coil is one of two coils that are part of your air conditioning or heat pump system. … The gas refrigerant transfers its heat to the air blowing over it. Simultaneously, the refrigerant cools and turns into a liquid. The air around the coil will start to heat up and is blown out of the outdoor unit.

  • Highly Efficient with the large cooling surface;
  • Suitable for Distillation & Reflux Applications;

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Coil Condenser

250mm B24, 400mm B24


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