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With a choice of sizes and combinations, Adam Equipment’s weights simplify external calibration on precision balances. Weights are packaged in sets or individually, and are crafted of rugged cast iron or highly polished stainless steel.

Manufactured to international standards (OIML) Adam Equipment calibration weights are available in the following classes: M1, F1, E1 and E2, and in sizes ranging from 1g to 20kg.

Adam provides several options for M1 class weights, including a choice of cast iron or highly polished stainless steel construction. Class F1, E1 and E2 weights are fabricated of highly polished stainless steel. All calibration weight sets are packaged in a lined aluminum box, complete with forceps and white cotton glove.


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E2 50G, E2 100G, E2 200G, F1 1mg- 200g, F1 1g- 200g, F1 1mg -500g, F1 1g -2kg, M1 100g (1Crl8Ni9Ti), M1 200g (1Crl8Ni9Ti), M1 500g (1Crl8Ni9Ti), M1 1kg (1Crl8Ni9Ti), M1 2kg (1Crl8Ni9Ti), M1 5kg (1Crl8Ni9Ti), M1 10kg (1Crl8Ni9Ti), M1 20kg (1Crl8Ni9Ti), E2 1g -200g, E2 1mg -200g, F1 10g, F1 20g, F1 50g, F1 100g, F1 200g, F1 500g, F1 1kg, F1 2kg, F1 5kg, M1 1g -5kg


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