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Kits are available in the following ranges: Low, Medium, High and Wide range

Kit include 5 Bottles

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Conductivity meters and cells should be calibrated to a standard solution before  you use them. When selecting a standard, choose one that has the approximate conductivity of the solution to be measured.

Cleaning Electrodes:

A polarized or fouled electrode must be cleaned to renew the active surface of the cell.

  • In most situations, the Electrode Cleaning Solution is an effective cleanser.
  • Acetone easily cleans most organic matter and Chlorine solutions will remove algae, bacteria or moulds.
  • To prevent cell damage, abrasives or sharp objects should not be used to clean an electrode.
  • A cotton bud works well for cleaning, but care must be taken not to widen the distance of the cell.

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Pack Size(5x500ml)

LR(84;1000;1413μS/cm, MR(300;1413;3000μS/cm, WR(84;1413;12880μS/cm), HR(3000;5000;12880μS/cm


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