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Spreaders, often known as cell spreaders, are tools used in the laboratory that allow for samples to be smoothly spread onto a petri-dish or plate. Chiefly used in the biological field with cell and bacterial samples, spreaders are made in three main shapes: the L-shape, the T-shape, and the triangular shape

Drop cells or bacteria at the center of the dish. Researchers can then place the spreader on top of the dish and, without applying much pressure, swirl the spreader around on the dish to evenly distribute the cells or bacteria

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A cell spreader or plate spreader is a hand tool used in biology and related fields to smoothly spread cells and bacteria on a culture plate, such as a Petri dish. Cell spreaders can be made from glass, plastic, or metal, and come in various shapes. A Drigalski spatula is a cell spreader consisting of a cylindrical rod or wire … After each use, the spreader should be back in alcohol

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