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separating funnel takes the shape of a cone with a hemispherical end. It has a stopper at the top and stopcock (tap), at the bottom. … To use a separatory funnel, the two phases and the mixture to be separated in solution are added through the top with the stopcock at the bottom closed.

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PTFE S/C 50ml, PTFE S/C 100ml, PTFE S/C Globe 250ml, PTFE S/C 250ml, PTFE S/C 500ml, PTFE S/C 1LT, PTFE S/C 2LT, PTFE G/S/C 50ml, PTFE G/S/C 100ml, PTFE G/S/C 250ml, PTFE G/S/C 500ml, PTFE G/S/C 1LT, PTFE G/S/C 2LT, D52/50


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