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The serological pipette is a laboratory instrument that transfers liquids measured in volume by ml. Most have graduations on the side for measuring the liquid being dispensed or aspirated. An important step when culturing or plating cells is the even distribution throughout a solution.

The use of serological pipette is an efficient and gentle means of mixing cell suspensions. They can also be used for mixing reagents and chemical solutions. After treatment or isolation of experimental cell cultures, serological pipettes are useful in transferring colonies of cells for further empirical analysis or expansion.

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1ml Rnase, Dnase, Pyrogen free, 5ml Rnase, Dnase, Pyrogen free, 10ml Rnase, Dnase, Pyrogen free, 25ml Rnase, Dnase, Pyrogen free, 50ml Rnase, Dnase, Pyrogen free


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