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an externally operated valve regulating the flow of a liquid or gas through a pipe.

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Soda-Lime Glass double 14.5mm, Soda-Lime Glass single 12.5mm, Aspirator glass B29, Burette DB 2.5 x 14mm, D/B Boro, Dessicator B29, Glass 1.5mm x12.5mm, Glass 2.5mmx12.5mm, Glass 2.5mmx14.5mm, Glass 6mmx21 5mm, Glass PTFE 1.5mmx12.5mm, Glass PTFE 2.5mmx14.5mm, Glass PTFE 4mmx18.8mm, Glass PTFE 6mmx21.5mm, Rotaflo Glass 10mm x Rotaflo Glass 2mm, Rotaflo Glass 4mm, Rotaflo Glass 6mm, Glass SB10, Glass SB14, Glass SB19, Glass SB24, Glass SB29, Glass SB34, Glass Sb60


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