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Volume :3ml-68ml         Pack Size:Each

Desc: Rimless

Carton Pack: From 100/Box to 1500/Box Carton Box



Test tubes,plain glass round bottom are made of borosilicate glass to reduce pH change and contaminants potentially leached from soda-lime glass. Tubes are well annealed, resistant to heat, and chemically stable. Glass test tubes  with beaded rims are fire-polished. 

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10x75mm-3ml, 12x75mm-5ml, 12x100mm-7ml, 13x100mm-8ml, 16x75mm-10ml, 12x150mm-10ml, 16x100mm-12ml, 15x100mm-12ml, 15x150mm-18ml, 16x125mm-17ml, 16x150mm-20ml, 18x125mm-22ml, 18x150mm-27ml, 20x150mm-35ml, 24x125mm-42ml, 24x150mm-50ml, 24x170mm-58ml, 24x200mm-60ml, 15x125mm-15ml


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