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Certainly not, Chem Lab has supplied numerous companies and consumers over the years, customer satisfaction has always been our topmost priority throughout the years therefore we have satisfied a higher volume of chemical users both nationwide and internationally. Honesty and competency has been part of the reasons we have been a favorite Chemical supplier to many over the years until a little storm showed up in our company.


Well, we call it a little storm simply because we are ready and capable to defeat it. For the past few months customers who purchased via our online store didn’t get their orders delivered to them, they also couldn’t get hold of us, couldn’t request refund and were completely ignored due to this “little storm” that showed up within our management and support team. As the old adage goes; “life is full of surprises” Chem Lab got its share of life’s surprises. Certain key management members teamed up against the company to sabotage and tarnish the image of the company, unfortunately they succeeded with their demoralized plan due to the fact that the CEO of the company had been out of the country for other business reasons. This tragic incidence which has affected the image of Chem Lab was brought to the attention of the CEO recently and measures have been put in place to handle the matter in the best interest of our customers.


We are more than willing to resolve this in a professional manner and this will be implemented on the third week of January, 2024. Chem Lab will contact all customers under the unfulfilled orders category to inquire if items ordered are still needed so that shipment can be processed. In a scenario whereby a customer has already purchased the item or items elsewhere, we will not hesitate to refund the customer.

The newly appointed management team and staff members of Chem lab Pty Ltd hereby apologize for all the inconveniences and distress this “little storm” may have brought upon our valued customers. We pray that our apology will be accepted for us to open a fresh page in this new year that God has granted us all.

Thank you! Siyabonga! Dankie!

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